Fish Out Of Water, Scene 01

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Kasey Kei
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Two beautiful mermaids, Kasey Kei and Jewelz Blu, swim through the water in search of adventure. They spot another mermaid holding the enchanted pearls, mysterious treasures that have the ability to transport a mermaid into any other body of water in the world. Kasey and Jewelz eagerly grab the enchanted pearls, using the magical items to transport themselves into a swimming pool in the human world.Eager to explore this new place, Kasey and Jewelz climb out of the pool to see what its like to be on dry land. To their surprise, they find that theyre each standing on two feet... their mermaid tails have been replaced by human legs! Clearly, the magic of the enchanted pearls is even more powerful than they thought.However, the surprises dont end there, because the mermaids realize that they have additional new parts BETWEEN their legs... Jewelz has a vagina, and Kasey has a penis. What are these strange human parts for! Further exploration reveals that touching these parts makes them feel warm and tingly... and SO GOOD. The joy of discovery is just beginning for these two mermaids!

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