1st Time Bottoming with Venus

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Golden Goddess Venus is ready to take you through all the lessons you need to learn how to bottom for your trans mistress. First part of your training is learning how to suck a cock, then stroke a cock, then finally take a hard trans cock up your tight little ass. Venus will play all the roles you need, master, mistress, mommy and more. You will need a hand towel, a banana, dildo or whatever it takes to open your throat so you can suck dick, and especially an enema bottle to be squeaky clean. When you meet a goddess like Venus, she demands you be clean, wearing deodorant, in proper underwear and rinsed out clean with that enema bottle. Youll need a hungry mouth, empty belly and cleaned-out ass to serve her needs. A squirt of silicone lube is the next step. Stretch on a latex glove and insert your fingers into your virgin butt. Then you will be ready to take on a hot date with Venus. She takes out a sweet cocksicle for you to suck on and learn how to use lips and tongue--no teeth or youll get slapped! Do as you are asked, you understand! Take out the banana, dildo or cocksicle of your choice and worship it with your tongue. Venus wants you to learn how to work that tongue and use

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